As we mentioned earlier, the skill system can be separated into many sub-combinations which means player can also develop their own unique combos to fight with their enemies. If you have watched those Bosses carefully in the game, you will find some trigger shake before their attack. Try to make a good use of them, and try to clear all the battles without injury!!

When hitting enemy monsters, they will be unable to attack. In addition, if they're half way through performing an attack, it will intercept and prevent the attack. Attacks also cause monsters to stop moving towards you for a brief period of time. Use these features to reduce receiving damage. However, this is not the case when the enemy monster is flashing golden. This means that they're movement and attack isn't affected by your moves. Don't confuse this as the monster becoming invincible, they still do receive damage.

Some moves require time before unleashing the move after activating. By hitting the enemy monsters right before you activate the move, you gain time before the monsters hit you. Your normal attack can be used for this, as they don't require mana or cool down time.

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