The Despair Canyon is located deep within the forbidden zone of Arrendon. Covered in snow and shrouded in a cold and mysterious mist all year round, the False Idol stands guard against unwanted intruders!


The Despair Canyon opens every Tue, Thu and Sat from 20:00-21:30. It is a 4v4 PvP Event with a brand new gameplay; and battles lasting a maximum of 15 min. Win Honor Points in the Despair Canyon and exchange them for awesome items and gear!


Before you enter, you’ll be randomly matched with three other players, but unlike the Steel Jungle where you fight against each other, here you’ll be fighting together as a team to steal the Bomb. After entering, eight players will be divided into two teams of four, with each team designated a different color. In the center of the Despair Canyon you’ll find both the Boss and the bomb. You must dodge attacks from the other team and the False Idol Boss who is guarding the bomb, stand over the bomb for two seconds to pick it up, then quickly go and plant it in your opponents’ camp. After it explodes you’ll get one point, but be warned though, when you’re carrying the cumbersome bomb you’ll be slowed down by its weight!


As soon as one player has the bomb, they’ll be targeted, so look out for your teammates when they have it to help them get safely to your opponents’ camp. Also, when a player carrying the bomb is killed, the bomb will drop to the ground where it can be easily picked up, so stay close when it’s in transit! When the bomb is just about ready to explode, it’s also a good idea to head near the Boss where the bomb will refresh. That way you can be first to get the next one as soon as it appears!


Bonus Tip: Don’t attack the Boss when waiting for the bomb to refresh, since you’ll receive lots of damage, and he can’t be defeated this way. The only way to kill him is by detonating bombs! The first team to detonate three bombs will be the winners!