The adventurer with the longest range, she causes damage over a large area. Although her mobility isn’t great, and close-combat isn’t her forte, she has superior control skills that cover a wide area and help her get out of close-combat situations.


Main Damage Attributes: Ice, Thunder and Darkness.

Class Stats:

Attack Defence Dexterity Area Damage Control Skills Control Difficulty
4 1 2 4 2 3


Adrianna was born into a family well-versed in the dark magical arts during a time of turmoil.  As the Great War spread to their hometown, she and her grandfather were forced to leave on foot. They spent several years on the road, where she studied the magic arts from him, visiting ancient ruins across dozens of countries, acquiring magic spells and knowledge as she went. On one trip, having finally found the fabled Stone of Harbica located deep within an ancient forest, Adrianna reached out without thinking and touched it. Her grandfather rushed to put himself between the Stone and her to protect her from absorbing too much energy, for it was said that those who held their hand to the stone for too long would be overcome by its magical power. As he pulled her away, she was thrown to the ground, hitting her head against a gnarled tree stump.  Upon waking, Adriana had lost all knowledge of the incident, and much of her acquired knowledge of the magical arts. This experience affected Adrianna significantly, and she vowed to use her magic for only good – adopting a new name, the “Enchantress”.


Blizzard (None) - [Ice, 27 MP, 8s CD]

Blizzard (Fury Wind) - [Ice, 34 MP, 8s CD]

Blizzard (Cyclone) - [Ice, 27 MP, 7s CD]

Thunder Blast (None) - [Thunder, 26 MP, 6s CD]

Thunder Blast (Electro) - [Thunder, 29 MP, 7s CD]

Thunder Rage (None) - [Thunder, 34 MP, 8s CD]

Thunder Rage (Thor) - [Thunder, 36 MP, 9s CD]

Abyssal Rift (None) - [Darkness, 42 MP, 9s CD]

Abyssal Rift (Dark Splice) - [Darkness, 42 MP, 10s CD]

Frozen Wave (None) - [Ice, 39 MP, 11s CD]

Frozen Wave (Ice) - [Ice, 39 MP, 11s CD]

Immemorial Wrath (None) - [Fire and Thunder, 46 MP, 12s CD]

Immemorial Wrath (Magneto) - [Thunder, 50 MP, 12s CD]