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Gems are the god's precious gift to Aincrad, which can be embedded into gem slots on gear and bring great strength. Some players complain that the gem system requires too many diamonds and that nurturing a high level gem doesn't provide much on total attributes. Today, I’m going to give you systematic instruction of the gem system and also give you some useful tips.

There are 6 types of Gems in the SoC world.

Gems embedded in different Gear slots will have different effects:

Ruby Citrine Emerald Sapphire Amethyst White Crystal
Helmet Phys Def Magic Def Crit Res Crit Tough Health Mana
Clothes Phys Def Magic Def Crit Res Crit Tough Health Mana
Shoes Fire Def Thunder Def Poison Def Ice Def Dark Def Holy Def
Talisman Fire Def Thunder Def Poison Def Ice Def Dark Def Holy Def
Finger Fire Atk Thunder Atk Poison Atk Ice Atk Dark Atk Holy Atk
Artifact Fire Atk Thunder Atk Poison Atk Ice Atk Dark Atk Holy Atk
Weapon Phys Atk Magic Atk Crit Hit Crit Dmg Direct Dmg Direct Red

Gem also has levels. The higher the Gem Level, the more its attributes are available, also the higher the requirement for character level. Three low level Gems of the same type can be combined into one high level Gem (of the same type). For instance, x3 Lv 1 Ruby can be combined into x1 Lv 2 Ruby, etc.

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Players can get Gems in following ways:

  •  Purchase all types of Gem on Lv.1, Lv.4 and Lv.7 from the “Item Mall” directly.

  • Various awards, including Total Recharge/Spend, VIP Exclusive, Special Chests, and Maintenance rewards. 

  • Invite Friends achievements 

  • Marriage milestones of 2 weeks, 30 days, 60 days, and 100 days. Weekly affection rewards. The flowers given as gifts for affection can sometimes contain gems as well.  

  • Obtain Lv.1 to Lv.3 gems from Lucky Draw

  • Acquire one Lv.2 and one Lv.3 Gem from Daily Login

  • Guilds plantation

  • The Merit Store

  • Ore Delivery

  • Main Quest and Loops

By the way, a Lv.7 Gem attached to your weapon can give your weapon a cool look. The look changes depending on which gem is placed on the weapon. A ruby will enhance your weapon to look like it is fiery.
IMG 0723
When you need to embed more Gems on your Gears, you need to use the mysterious stone called a “Slot Opening Stone”. You can earn these from various places throughout the game.</p>

First, you should find the “Strengthen” button at the right corner of your main screen and get into the “Gem” section. Stay in the first tab "Embed” and insert the gear into which you want to embed a gem. Then, click the lock on the unopened slot and the system will ask you to use your existing “Slot Opening Stone” to unlock a new slot. Once all of these works are finished, you can tap the vacant slot to embed your Gem directly on this Gear.

The same type of Gem is mutually exclusive from each other. This means that you can only embed one gem of each type into the same gear. For example, you cannot embed two rubies, regardless of level, into the helmet. Therefore, you need to learn how to manage the combinations of Gems wisely and effectively.

Although we know that a higher level Gem can provide more powerful attributes on our Gears, a reasonable matching plan can help us save more on unnecessary waste. For example, assume that we are a “Sword Master”, and there are 7 Gear parts need to be enhanced with Gems. It’s not really wise to embed all Lv7 Gems on one part and leave others with Lv.1.</p>

Firstly, we need to figure out what is our most needed attribute. As a Sword Master, the physical Attack and Defense are more important than the others. Normally, we will embed the Gem on our weapon to increase attack directly. However, nothing is absolute in the SoC world. We can find the Lv.7 Ruby can also provide +1945 Physical Defense when embed on Helmet and Clothes which would also help us to bear more attacks. So the main idea is look up the table above to figure out the Gem on which part can obtain the best performance and then choose the element and numerical attributes which can really enhance your power instead of embed Gems blindly.

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