Once a player has reached level 15 they may choose to join, or create, a guild. If joining an already formed guild, the player can tap the Guild tab to navigate to the Guild Administrator and look through the options available. If attempting to create a guild, the Guild Administrator will require a fee of 20000 gold and the player can then choose a guild name.  

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Once inside a guild, you can see the Details, Members, Events, and Quests tabs. On the Details tab you can view the Guild Donation and Guild Store. Donating yields two benefits: one for the player and one for the guild. The player earns Guild Contribution, which can be spent in the Guild Store. The guild will accumulate Guild Crystals, which are used to level the guild and pay for the Guild Magic Beast.  

Many members donating daily will grow a high level guild quickly! 

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If you are a Guild member, you can see the other members’ details in the Members selection. There are also plenty of special Guild events. 

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For example, the Resource Battle is a 20 vs. 20, guild vs. guild event. Once registered, guilds will be paired against rival guilds to fight for the control of 5 flags. Guild Magic Beast allows guild members to come together to battle a giant beast. The beast can only be summoned twice per week, at pre-designated times. 

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The Guild Master has all the following permissions and a few options the officers do not: The Guild Master may promote any three guild members to the Guild Officer positions. The officers permissions are covered further down. Only the Guild Master may demote or promote and expel an officer. The Guild Master also is the only one that can dissolve the guild (Would not suggest this unless there are no members in the guild and this is the final option). The Guild Master may also pass on the position of the Master to an Officer, turning him/her into the new Guild Master

The Guild Officers have nearly as much power as the Guild Master. Each officer can expel members from the guild, not including fellow officers. Officers may accept applications for new members and can setup guild events according to guild level.The officers can NOT dissolve the guild or promote anyone to an officer position.Guild officers, as well as the Guild Master, can change the Guild Notice and the Guild Declaration. Guild Notice can only be viewed by guild members. Guild declaration is the message applicants see when viewing available guilds.

The Guild Plantation is a valuable source of gems!

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Guild members can choose to purchase gem seeds by spending guild contribution points. The plantation can grow up to 4 gem seeds at one time.