Remember the days that I have just crated my account, I always had a wonder that why those elder player’s appearance can be so cool and impactful. If you also have this question, today I will help you to figure out the secret.

When players reach Lv10, they can be rewarded with one pair of Holy Wings. If your want to be different from others, a higher level VIP can open cooler and flashier Holy Wings. Those advanced Holy Wings not only bring attractive appearance, they also bring substantial strength to players.

IMG 0575

Just like equipments system, the Holy Wings can also be enhanced and we call it Nurture System in game. The Wings’s Level is separate from the appearance which means that you only need to Nurture once and it can work on every Holy Wings. There are three ways to nurture your Holy wings: Holy stone, white diamonds and blue diamonds. If we use blue diamond to nurture our wings, there are also chances to obtain 2 to 10 times critical strike bonus.



Each Class has a different set of wings with different appearances. Sword Master has the wings that looked like the wings of a holy angel. Enchantress has the wings that looked like the wings of a glaring elf. Sharpshooter has a pair of dashing glider wings, etc.