How To Get Married (Sistema de Boda)Edit

1. Once you reach Lv.40, you’ll be able to team-up and marry another player. Find and speak to the newly added Bishop to conduct the ceremony. One Character can only have one spouse at the same time (no gender limit). Two Characters under the same Account can not get married with each other.


2. There are 3 scales of Weddings, each one has different costs and scales. The proposer will pay the cost of the wedding. If the proposal is refused, the proposer will get refund.


3. Both players must be in the same Team. One player pops the question, the other one must decide whether to accept the proposal and wedding scale within 30 sec.


4. Both High-profile Wedding and Luxury Wedding offer Lucky Packet to other lucky players. Tap on the icon in the main screen to claim it, such a chance must not be missed (it will expire after 24 hrs)!


5. After getting married, both sides will be receiving a Wedding Ring, Which can be equipped.


6. After getting married, both sides can enter the Marriage Interface by tapping the icon at the lower right corner.



7. Unfortunately not every marriage is perfect. Bishop also handles the divorce issue. But making an unannounced divorce without your spouse's consent will punish you not to be able to marry again within 24 hrs.


8. After getting divorced, both sides will be receiving a Divorce Ring as a souvenir.


Special TitleEdit

1. By staying married for a certain amount of days, both sides will be receiving some unique Titles as reward.

Duration Title Reward
Stay married for one week. Title: One Week!
Stay married for 30 days. Title: Honeymoon
Stay married for 60 days. Title: Sweetheart
Stay married for 100 days. Title: Inseperable
Stay married for one year. Title: Spouse

2. You can claim the Title Rewards at Marriage Interface once you reach the requirements. The timer will start to count at 6 AM the day you were getting married, after reaching at 6 AM next day, it counts as 1 day.



1. By completing a certain amount of quests (no need to team-up) per day, both sides will be receiving Affection Points respectively. The limit of getting Daily Affection is 250.


2. Daily Affection from both sides will be accumulated as one sum of Weekly Affection synchronously. For example, Player A has earned 250+250+200 Daily Affection for 3 days within 1 week, Player B has earned 100+100+200+200 Daily Affection for 4 days within 1 week, then the final Weekly Affection for this couple is 1300.


3. By reaching a certain amount of Weekly Affection, both sides will be receiving amazing rewards accordingly. You can claim the Weekly Affection Rewards at Marriage Interface once you reach the requirement. The timer will start to count at 6 AM the day you were getting married, after reaching at 6 AM the next seventh day, it counts as 1 week.

4. You can only get one Category of the reward, for example, if your Weekly Affection reaches 2600, you can only get the reward of 2600, you can't get the rewards of 2100 and below.

Weekly Rewards Edit

Weekly Affection Rewards
900 Lv.2 Random Gem Chest, Small Star Soul Chest,

Love Stone (x1), 200,000 Gold

1300 Medium Star Soul Chest, Small Energy Potion,

Love Stone (x2), 500,000 Gold

1650 Medium Star Soul Chest (x3), Medium Energy

Potion, Love Stone (x3), 1,000,000 Gold

2100 Elite Star Soul Chest, Big Energy Potion (x2),

Love Stone (x4), 1,500,000 Gold

2600 Lv.5 Random Gem Chest (x2), Big Energy Potion

(x3), Love Stone (x5), 2,000,000 Gold

3500 Lv.6 Random Gem Chest, Arrendon Tears

fragment (x20), Love Stone (x6), 2,500,000 Gold