Sword of Chaos supports a pay-to-win system called VIP. By purchasing diamonds via in-app purchases, the player is awarded with a VIP level corresponding with the total amount of diamonds they have "recharged" with. Higher VIP levels cost more diamonds, but award higher benefits to the player, including exclusive titles, better holy wings, and lots of gold. 

Monthly Card

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The first plan is the Monthly Card. Players can spend $9.99 to buy 6000 diamonds directly and the system will continue to grant 1000 diamonds per day for 30 days. 

Growth Fund

The Growth Fund allows a player to spend $14.99 for 9000 jewels, while granting additional jewels for reaching higher levels, up to a total of 120,000 upon reaching level 60.

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Daily Gift

By recharging $0.99 (600 diamonds) that day, the player can opt to purchase the daily gift. This gift contains 3 lucky draw coupons worth 600 diamonds, and 300,000 gold. (Picture out of date)

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