How To EnterEdit


Relic is available at level 30, you can find it by tapping “Strengthen” - “Relic”. It's a brand new permanent strengthen system.



1. You can activate and cast Relics to strengthen your power in here.

2. There are six Relics available in total: Sword in the Stone, Holy Grail, Thor's Hammer, Medusa Shield, Book of Death and Magic Wand. 


3. You can activate and benefit from multiple Relics at the same time as long as they are activated.

4. You will get Sword in the Stone for free, the other Relics need to reach certain conditions to activate.


5. You can nurture a Relic to increase its attribute by using "Basic Casting", "High Casting" and "Master Casting".

6. After a casting operation, you can decide whether to save the casting result. The "cancel" means after one casting if you got a negative growth of attribute, you can choose not to keep it. But it will still cost you.

7. Once a Relic's attribute reaches its maximum, you can no longer cast it anymore.



8. Activating Relics needs "Relic Source". Casting Relics needs "Power Stone". You can gain both items from some in game events and special events.