Steel Jungle Edit

l.  What is the “Steel Jungle”?

Between 20:00 to 21:30 on every night,

every player has 10 chances to join the limited Time event “Steel Jungle”.
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Steel Jungle is a PVP event which needs 8 players divided into two teams. The time limitation is 6 minutes and players can attack each other freely before either team get 20 kills.

There are 1000 points initial and players will obtain more points when winning, the prize will be awarded weekly and outstanding

performance for killing more people will also have bonus.
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lI.  How to get good grades in Steel Jungle?

Here are some tips can help you get a good grade.


1.       Teamwork is the most important thing.

As we know, the matching system will find the players on a same power level, which means no big differences. So, pleases don’t complain about others’ ability.

2.       Choose a good match timing

This is a skill for those people are not really confident of their own strength. Choose to enter the dungeon after 10 to 20 minutes have more possibility to meet those weaker players.

3.       Pay attention on the buff on the battlefield

The system has also provided some buff Runes randomly on the battlefield (For example, speed up or Hp recover). Even you don’t need them at once, you need to know these Runes will probably help your opponents.

4.       Take a good use of the invincible effect.

The invincible effect is accompanied by your resurrection. The opponents can’t hurt you anymore when you have this state. Try to use as much skills as you can at this time.

5.       Don’t miss any chance to give your opponent the final blow.

Sometimes your opponents only have few Hp points and decided to get out of the battle field. Don’t give them any chances to find buff and always remember the wining condition is killing 20 people!

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