A close-range fighter with excellent mobility and high power; the Sword Master can quickly get close to enemies to deal the fatal blow. Her fast attack speed, and multiple control skills, leave the enemy reeling. The only defense class adventurer.


Main Damage Attributes: Fire and Holy.

Class Stats:

Attack Defence Dexterity Area Damage Control Skills Control Difficulty
3 4 3 1 3 1


Eva was born in a small village outside the royal city’s walls. Her brother's sword fighting sparked a fascination within her; and eventually, she convinced him to teach her all that he knew. By the age of fourteen, she'd mastered the sword so thoroughly that she was able to single-handedly thwart several bandits, who were attempting to loot some hunters just outside the village. The hunters revealed themselves to be members of the royal court and carried news of Eva's bravery and skill to the king.   Impressed with her battle prowess, the king asked that Eva join the ranks of his guard, becoming his escort and the youngest guard to have ever joined the ranks.  Within three years, Eva’s skill with the blade grew to such heights that she became Guard Captain.  Heading up the king’s troops, she fended off invading armies sent to topple the monarchy.  Her victories were celebrated, and the king knighted Eva and conferred her with the title, “Sword Master”.  
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