1. Underground Palaestra is available at Lv.65. It's a real-time 3v3 PvP event. It opens at 13:30-14:30 and 21:00-22:00 sever time on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


2. Tap "Start", system will automatically register you with another 5 online real players based on your recent performance in Underground Palaestra. Underground Palaestra only accepts solo registration.


3. After registration, 6 players will enter the battle and be divided into 2 teams. The battle occurs at an arena with 3 paratactic aisles (separated by 2 barriers). Every 2 opponent players will be placed together to fight with each other to break the barriers.

4. After barriers break, the winners can go to the other 2 aisles to defeat the remaining opponent players before countdown to win the battle.


5. Base on both teams' performance in each battle, they will get Point Spread as an evaluation. The bigger the gap of Point Spread, the better the Reward for winners, the worse the Reward for losers. If no team wins before countdown, the result will depend on the Point Spread as well.

6. Each day the first 3 winning battles count as Glorious Victory, which offer Extra Reward. Reward will send out after battle ends.

7. Between battles there are 120 Seconds (2 minutes) Register Cooldowns before you can start and enter a new battle with others.




8. You can earn Blessing Stone, Magic Crystal and Pet Skill as reward from Underground Palaestra.



9. Magic Card now can be further improved (polished) by using Magic Crystal. Tap the "green up arrow" icon to switch to the Polish Interface.